Chiranjeevi went to the cinema and lost her bicycle.

Chiranjeevi went to the cinema and lost her bicycle.


  • Nani who went to the movie ‘Master’ and lost her bicycle
  • Natural star who told this directly to Chiranjeevi
  • The megastar who promised to give back the lost bicycle

Sweet memories of childhood are present in everyone’s life. Movie stars are no exception. Most of the heroes who continue to be superstars now are the ones who made a fuss in their childhood .. the ones who went to the movies .. the ones who tore their shirts for tickets. Natural star Nani is one of them. Megastar Chiranjeevi is a fallen Nani .. Chiranjeevi went to the cinema in his childhood and lost his favorite bicycle. He himself told the megastar about this. The video is currently going viral on social media on the occasion of Nani’s birthday.

Today (February 24) is Nani’s birthday. On this occasion, his fans and movie celebrities are wishing Nani a happy birthday through social media. In the meantime a video is going viral on social media. This is a clip of ‘Who among you is a billionaire’. Akkineni Nagarjuna first hosted the reality game show ‘Who among you is a millionaire’. Nagarjuna hosted three seasons. Megastar Chiranjeevi acted as the narrator for the fourth season which aired in 2017. Natural star Nani was a guest on an episode hosted by Chiranjeevi.

Guests are also known to answer questions asked by Chiranjeevi and win money. However, Chiranjeevi asked Nani what he would do with the money he won in ‘Who among you is a millionaire’. With this, Nani remembered her childhood memories. Nani’s family settled in Hyderabad when he was a child. Amir was in the Pate area. If he wants a bicycle .. Hercules MTB bicycle koniccarata. At the same time Chiranjeevi released the film ‘Master’. The movie is being released at Aamir Peta Satyam Theater.

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Nani rode a bicycle as the Satyam Theater was half a kilometer away from her home. The gates open before the showy hour so Nani leaves early. The people are huge .. the crowd is going on. In the tension of whether to get a ticket, Nani parked the bicycle away and ran to the gate. However, in this kangaroo they forgot to lock the bicycle. The ticket was found if the entire crowd stood in line. Come out and see if the bicycle is gone. However, Nani said that he was usually very upset .. but the pain of losing his bicycle in the kick where he got the ‘master’ ticket was small.

Nani said that she did not feel anything for as long as she watched the movie. Chiranjeevi could not stop laughing. It is a bicycle that has been slaughtered for years. Thinking about how the bicycle is gone now .. lying near the house. The bicycle should be at home I should have covered that I did not take. However, Nani told Megastar that Aroja had decided to ask Chiranjeevi for a bicycle if he ever went ahead. If he wins money in ‘Who among you is a millionaire’, he will take Rs 5,000 for a bicycle and donate the rest to charity.

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“I asked Arvind Gari in the audio release of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy movie. You are the producer for the master movie .. so I said give me my bicycle. He told me today that it was definitely a guarantee and had not given me a bicycle till now. That is why I am asking you directly, ”said Nani with Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi said it was his responsibility to persuade Arvind and give him the Hercules bicycle. According to the word, Nani sent home a more expensive gear bicycle than what Nani had lost. That was three years ago. Nani is going viral again now on the occasion of her birthday.


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