Coincidentally, I am a cricketer: Are you happy when you take 400...

Coincidentally, I am a cricketer: Are you happy when you take 400 wickets?

It was a coincidence that I became a cricketer. I am really a huge cricket fan and that is why I have become a cricketer for something. Now I am living my dream. I never thought I would wear the jersey of the Indian team Indian team Player and Tamil Nadu player Ravichandran Aswin Said interestingly.

Tamil Ravichandran Aswin is the first player in Indian cricket to take 400 wickets, the 6th fastest bowler to take 400 wickets in the world and the 2nd fastest player to take 400 wickets in the world.

Countless players from Tamil Nadu have made their mark in the world of cricket. I can say for sure that there are no achievers to a certain extent. But, Tamil Nadu player Aswin is all about his way of going 400 wicket record Standing still.

Ravichandran Aswin discusses with the team’s fielding coach R Sridhar on the BCCI website.

In it, Aswin said:

“I watched old cricket videos for 8 hours before the trip to Australia and before the Adelaide Test. Seeing this, I was able to plan differently in bowling.

I do not know why I kept looking like this. But, I just thought that anything should change for the better. I learned a lot from watching videos to learn about Australian players and pitches.

Even the corona Lockdown During that time, when I was at home, I watched a lot of old cricket videos on YouTube. In particular, I enjoyed many videos, including the video of Sachin scoring a hundred in Chepauk.

At first I only saw the best videos. But, I started to watch a lot of videos that appeared to me as to why I should only search for the best videos and not watch everything.

It was fun for me now after I started watching. Because before bowling to the batsman on the field, I guess what the next batsman will do and what kind of shot he is going to hit and finish bowling accordingly.

You ask if he was happy on the day he took 400 wickets. Truth be told … the Indian team was in dire straits on the day they took 400 wickets. We are 30 runs ahead of England in the first innings.


I have no sense that the England batsmen are in danger, under severe pressure, because of the danger of not standing. It was only when the TRS decided that I got the impression that I had taken 400 wickets. The fans on the stage stood up and applauded as soon as it was announced on the scoreboard that he had taken 400 wickets. That’s when I saw it. I can’t just raise my fingers to say what I felt in that moment.

It was a coincidence that I became a cricketer. I am really a huge cricket fan. After that I became a cricketer. I am living my dream. I did not even think that I would wear the jersey of the Indian team and play for the team. Those who like a game more are better off playing that game.

Every time I am responsible for the success of the Indian team, if so, I will be blessed. This corona period has been very lucky for me and has kept me playing for India.

I don’t think I will go into the team after the IPL series, I don’t think I will play in Australia. That’s why I say. This is the gift I got. When I love this game, it gives me back. “

Thus said Aswin.


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