Cong., Missing name on candidate list

Cong., Missing name on candidate list

Puducherry: During the last assembly elections in Puducherry, Narayanasamy abruptly returned from national politics to state politics.

When he was not elected as an MLA, he took over as the Chief Minister. Subsequently, Jankumar resigned as his MLA and left the Nellithoppu constituency. Narayanasamy won the Nellithoppu constituency by-election and continued as the Chief Minister.

There was ‘suspense’ as to which constituency Narayanasamy would contest in the forthcoming assembly elections. News spread that he would contest from Nellithoppu or Kamaraj Nagar constituency. Of these, Narayanasamy’s name does not appear. Therefore, it has been reported that he plans to move from state politics to national politics.

Delhi also thinks that his service is needed now. When asked about this, Narayanasamy said, ‘I have not made any decision on state politics or national politics. I will abide by whatever decision the party leadership takes. I will always work loyally for the party. ‘

Despite planning to move into national politics, the Congress has decided to work hard for the victory of the coalition in the forthcoming assembly elections.



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