Cong., Who withdrew due to unavailability of candidate.

Cong., Who withdrew due to unavailability of candidate.

Puducherry: The Congress withdrew from contesting the Enam constituency last time due to unavailability of a candidate. Puducherry Assembly Election Cong., – DMK. The alliance is formed and competes. Out of a total of 30 constituencies, Cong., 15; DMK, 13; VC, – An agreement was signed between the coalition parties to contest one seat each for the Indian Communist Party. Out of the 15 constituencies in which the Congress is contesting, candidates for 14 constituencies have been declared. The parties were waiting for the last day for filing nominations to be announced yesterday. The candidate was not announced until yesterday evening. No one has filed a nomination on behalf of the Congress.

The Cong., The party began to slide as it gave position in the Cong to those who came from outside. Malladi Krishnara, who won the Enam constituency as an independent, was given the post of Minister of State by the Congress. Thereafter, the Cong., Volunteers, party executives, became supporters of Malladi Krishna. Currently he has gone to NRC, party. Cong., Accompanied by volunteers, went to Malladikrishna Rao’s side. Thus, in Enam constituency Cong., The tent was totally empty. There is no candidate to contest the election. Thus the decision to contest in Enam constituency was abandoned by the Cong., Last time.



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