IndiaCongress-Left alliance to hold grand rally in Kolkata tomorrow: Rahul, Priyanka abstain

Congress-Left alliance to hold grand rally in Kolkata tomorrow: Rahul, Priyanka abstain

Congress forms alliance in West Bengal Left-wing Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have been excluded from participating in the party’s massive rally tomorrow.

Elections are to be held in 8 phases for 294 constituencies in West Bengal. It is being conducted in 8 phases as it is difficult to hold the elections in a single phase as violence continues in various places in West Bengal.

The first phase is scheduled for March 27 and the second phase is scheduled for April 1. Phase 3 will take place on April 6, Phase 4 on April 10 and Phase 5 on April 17.

The 6th phase election is scheduled for April 22, the 7th phase election is scheduled for April 26, and the 8th and final phase election is scheduled for April 29. The vote count takes place on May 2nd.

Trinamool to take power for the 3rd time in this election Congress Has been struggling. The BJP is moving pieces to seize power for the first time.

On the other hand as an alternative to the two alliances Congress – Leftists form alliances and compete.
Abbas Sikdik, the leader of the most important Muslim organization in the state of West Bengal, has announced that he will contest the election of the secular secular front of India. Congress And Left-wing Competing together in alliance.

The massive election campaign on behalf of the Congress-Left Third Front begins tomorrow in Kolkata. Sitaram Yechury, leader of the Marxist Communist Party, was also present at the meeting. Congress Senior leader Adiranjan Chaudhary is also participating on behalf. Abbas also participates and addresses Sikti.

In this meeting Rahul Gandhi Or Priyanka Gandhi State of West Bengal as required to attend Congress Called. They pleaded that if one of them attended the people would get a great reception.

But accept this invitation Rahul Gandhi And Priyanka Gandhi Refused. In Kerala, where the legislative elections are to be held Left-wing The parties and the Congress are competing against each other. But in West Bengal they are forming alliances and competing.

So in this rally Left-wing It seems that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have been spared as it would cause embarrassment in Kerala if they participate with the leaders. And nationally with Mamata Banerjee Congress They did not participate because it would be embarrassing to participate in a rally against him while working together.


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