IndiaConsequences of climate change: Prime Minister Modi warns at IIT Kharagpur graduation...

Consequences of climate change: Prime Minister Modi warns at IIT Kharagpur graduation ceremony

Warning of the dangers of climate change, Prime Minister Modi asked IIT students to build structures to withstand natural disasters.

IIT Kharagpur is the 66th largest IIT in the country convocation Held today. The ceremony was held in visual mode Prime Minister Modi Attended and spoke.

Then he said:

” You (students) need to magically keep 3s (Self-3) in mind. We need to make a difference in people’s lives through self-awareness, self-confidence and selflessness.

We need to realize the need for safe, cheap, environmentally friendly energy like solar power and spread it among the people. The cost per unit of solar power is very low in India. However, taking it home is still a big challenge.

All of you will remember the recent natural calamity in Uttarakhand. We need to focus on building a structure that can withstand natural disasters and prevent disasters.

Because natural disasters destroy most of the structure Climate change That is the big challenge. Thus India should attract the attention of the world in disaster management.

IITs should not be just Indian institutes of technology but indigenous technology institutes. Similarly, you (students) should avail of the Prime Minister’s Research Funding Scheme and the Start-up India Scheme.

Thus Prime Minister Modi Said.


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