IndiaConstantly increasing corona; Lockdown notice in Thane Corporation from March 13th...

Constantly increasing corona; Lockdown notice in Thane Corporation from March 13th to 31st

State of Maharashtra Himself Of the 89 Corona hotspots in the Corporation from March 13th to 31st Lockdown Has been announced to be implemented.

It has been almost a year since various measures were taken to curb the spread of corona across the country and the spread in many states has come under control and is returning to normal.

In Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Gujarat, the incidence of corona has been on the rise for the past few days. The impact is particularly high in Kerala and Maharashtra.

More than 86.25 percent of those receiving treatment are from these states. Of these, 11,141 were affected by corona in Maharashtra, 2,100 in Kerala and 1,043 in Punjab in a single day.

The federal government has sent high-level multidisciplinary public health teams to these states to help control the continuing growing corona vulnerabilities.

The teams have been dispatched to assist the state health department in monitoring, controlling and preventing Govt-19.

The team surveyed the most vulnerable areas in these states and presented their advice to the Secretary-General and the Secretary of Health.

The impact is particularly high in the state of Maharashtra. There, as of February 9, the daily incidence was an average of 2489 people. But after February 10, the situation began to change. Currently, more than 6,000 people are affected by corona.

The state government is taking various measures to control the corona. A night curfew was imposed in Amravati district. School and college holidays have been declared in various districts, including Yavatmal. Holidays have been declared for schools and colleges in Pune district. Restrictions have also been increased in Nagpur district.

In this case the suburbs of Mumbai Himself Corona distribution is currently increasing in the district as well. So far 89 hotspots have been identified in that corporation alone. Here the state government is enforcing strict controls as the corona spread continues to increase. As part of this Himself Of the 89 hotspots in the corporation, from March 13th to 31st Lockdown Has been announced to be implemented. People from this area are strictly prohibited from going out and others from coming here. Everything except essential functions is prohibited.


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