IndiaCorona damage rises sharply after January 29; 16,738 new infections; ...

Corona damage rises sharply after January 29; 16,738 new infections; Increase in sacrifice

Corona infestation has started to rise again in some parts of the country. Infection 16,738. Corona sacrifice has risen similarly.

about this Federal Ministry of Health Reported by:

Corona to 16,738 new people in India in the last 24 hours Infection Has occurred. This brings the total impact to 1,10,46,914.

The number of people returning home from Corona has risen to 1,07,38,501. 11,799 have recovered in the last 24 hours from Corona.

The number of people currently being treated for coronavirus is 1,51,708 as the number of survivors is low and the number of victims is high.

The corona virus killed 138 people yesterday alone. The overall death toll rose to 1,56,705.

A total of 1,26,71,163 people across the country have been vaccinated against corona.

Thus Federal Ministry of Health Reported.


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