IndiaCorona distribution going back to the old status quo: PM to consult...

Corona distribution going back to the old status quo: PM to consult with state chief ministers tomorrow

In India Corona virus As the spread continues to rise, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a video conference with state chief ministers tomorrow (Wednesday). According to reports, the Prime Minister will discuss corona prevention measures, especially accelerating vaccination efforts.

According to the Ministry of Health, more than 78 per cent of the new cases registered yesterday were from the five states of Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

In this context, Prime Minister Modi tomorrow Consultation with heads of state Carries on. It is noteworthy that so far 3 crore people have been vaccinated.

3 months ago status ..

According to figures released by the Federal Ministry of Health yesterday, the number of new patients in Corona has risen to 26,291. This is the highest impact since the beginning of this year. from this Corona localization Goes backwards as it was 3 months ago.

The total number of corona patients in the country has crossed 1 crore 13 lakh 80 thousand. 118 new deaths due to corona infection. This brings the total death toll to 1,58,725.
So far a total of 1 crore 10 lakh 7,352 people have been cured. This is 97 percent of the total number of patients.

Minister’s request:

Will increase Corona localization Union Health Minister Harshwardhan said, “The main reason for this is that people do not follow safety practices, including social space. Corona virus The security rules must be adhered to as much as the people did when the outbreak began. “


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