IndiaCorona impact peaks in Kerala: AIIMS

Corona impact peaks in Kerala: AIIMS

In Kerala Corona vulnerability As the peak has passed Ames Hospital Professor Dr. Sanjay Roy said.

Recently in Kerala Corona vulnerability Is increasing. There again restrictions have been increased. Due to the increase in corona infection in Kerala, people have been restricted from traveling to the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The Central Committee to control the corona in Kerala went there and conducted a study. The Central Committee has recommended to the Government of Kerala that the restrictions be intensified.

In Kerala, the number of corona infections has crossed 30,000 following the announcement of various relaxations in connection with the Onam festival. Nearly 70 per cent of the total corona infections in the country were from Kerala.

As the corona virus outbreak in Kerala has crossed the peak Ames Hospital Professor Dr. Sanjay Roy said. He said:

More than 30,000 Govt-19 cases were reported in Kerala in a single day in the first week of September. Since then the daily incidence in Kerala has dropped significantly.

The impact is declining in Kerala as well as in the Northeast. A previous Zero test in Kerala showed that most people are more likely to be infected but a recent Zero test shows that 46 per cent have immunity due to vaccination or infection. The corona slows down the spread speed in the state.

When looking at the data of the virus that has spread in the last 2-3 months Kerala It seems to have crossed its peak. Over the next 2 weeks, the number of infections will begin to decline.

The incidence of cowpea in Kerala will be significantly reduced by early October. The incidence of corona virus in Kerala has crossed the peak.

Thus he said.


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