Corona virus effect .. Chandrayaan-3 launch in 2022

Corona virus effect .. Chandrayaan-3 launch in 2022


  • Corona pandemic impact on ISRO experiments.
  • Chandrayaan-3 postponed to next year
  • Manned spaceflight also postponed.

Many programs and projects have been delayed due to the corona virus. The Kovid pandemic also had an impact on Indian space launches. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has gone further in launching the Chandrayaan-3, which is intended to study the moon. In 2022, the experiment is likely to take up kesivan ISRO Chairman said. Kovid-19 lockdown was blamed for the postponement of the launch, which affected several projects, including India’s first manned space mission Gaganyan.

‘We are working on the Chandrayaan-3 experiment. It will not have an orbiter. Lander and rover are the only ones. We will use the orbiter sent on Chandrayaan-2 for this. Experiments are going on on this. It is likely to be launched next year, ‘said Sivan. It is known that the Chandrayaan-2 launch launched by ISRO in 2019 failed on the last step. Vikram Lander .. crashed while landing on the surface of the moon at an altitude of 2.5 km.

The successful launch of Chandrayaan-3 at a time when ISRO intends to launch spacecraft to several planets is crucial for the organization to make inroads into space missions. Shivan said the first installment of the unmanned spaceflight in preparation for the Gaganyan project would be in December this year. In fact, it was supposed to be held in December last year. It was explained that another unmanned experiment would be conducted after this, followed by a manned mission.

Russia is supporting the Gaganyan humanitarian mission. The four astronauts taking part in the expedition are still training there. Asked when Gaganyan will launch the third module, Sivan said, “Technology needs to be demonstrated for this experiment.” Are all technologies perfect? We will decide the time after checking whether (manned mission).


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