IndiaCryptocurrency attracting the digital age; New law is coming: Important information

Cryptocurrency attracting the digital age; New law is coming: Important information

As a word that has become more and more popular in the digital age in recent times Cryptocurrency There is. Nowadays it is often beaten in the news and begins to reach the general public.

In India too Cryptocurrency The trade is currently in progress. Efforts are being made to ban private cryptocurrencies soon and to introduce the Reserve Bank’s exclusive cryptocurrency.

In this case the cryptocurrency and the key steps being taken in this regard are as follows:

* Statistics show that there are 1.5 crore to 2.0 crore crypto investors in India.

* Total Cryptocurrency The investment is about Rs. 40,000 crore.

* Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, is worth $ 60,000.

* Its price has doubled since the beginning of this year and has attracted local investors in India as well.

* Recently, the number of advertisements promising easy and high returns on investing in cryptocurrencies has been increasing.

* There were also complaints that it was misleading investors

* The Reserve Bank has expressed serious concerns about private cryptocurrencies.

* Steps are being taken to bring a new bill for this in the winter session of Parliament.

* This bill is being developed under the name of Cryptocurrency and the Official Digital Currency Regulation Bill 2021.

* The federal government is likely to ban the use of cryptocurrencies for transactions or payments.

* It is also planned to promote the technology and applications of cryptocurrency.

* Through these changes Cryptocurrency The crypto market is expected to operate in the same way as the stock market once the trading order is formalized.

* Meanwhile, it seems that the Federal Reserve will issue a new cryptocurrency as an alternative.