IndiaDadra - Nagar Haveli MP Mysterious death of Mohan Telkar: Police...

Dadra – Nagar Haveli MP Mysterious death of Mohan Telkar: Police probe into suicide

Dadra – Nagar Haveli MP Mohan Telkar Body Mumbai Found dead in cafe. An investigation is underway into whether he committed suicide.

Union Territory Dadra-Nagar Haveli MP Mohan Telkar. As the leader of the Bharatiya Navsakti Party, he contested and won the Dadra-Nagar Haveli constituency independently in the 2019 parliamentary elections. He had previously been in Congress.

He is a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee and a member of the Advisory Board of the Ministry of Housing.

Dadra Nagar Haveli MP was staying at a hotel in South Mumbai’s Marine Drive area. Mohan Telkar Died mysteriously today. Police have sent his body for autopsy.

Why Mohan Telkar Mumbai Arrived, it is not known why he stayed at the hotel in south Mumbai where his body was found. The police are investigating.

about this Mumbai Police officer Chaitanya said, “MP Mohan Telkar’s body was found in a hotel in the Marine Drive area. The suicide note has been recovered from there. The investigation is ongoing. The exact cause of death will be known after the autopsy, ”he said.


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