IndiaDelhi government bans crackers on Diwali

Delhi government bans crackers on Diwali

As a way of controlling air mass Deepavali Firecrackers explode at the festival Government of Delhi Prohibited.

In India Air pollution Delhi is the most populous state. Vehicles, smoke from factories and agricultural waste incinerated in neighboring states are said to be the main causes of air pollution in Delhi. Despite various measures being taken by the central and state governments to prevent this, it is still impossible to fully control air pollution. Due to this, most of the Delhiites suffer from lung and respiratory diseases.

This aside, every year Deepavali Statistics show that air pollution in Delhi will increase many times over after the festival. With this in mind, last year Deepavali Firecrackers explode during the festival Government of Delhi Prohibited. However, due to the delay in the announcement, the sale of firecrackers and the eruption of firecrackers could not be fully controlled.

In this case, the current week of November Deepavali The festival is about to be celebrated. In turn, the state government has banned the exploding and sale of firecrackers in Delhi.

The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal In a Twitter post posted yesterday, ‘In the last three years Deepavali In Delhi during the festival Air pollution Dangerous scale reaction reached. In order to prevent this Deepavali Fireworks are banned during the festival. This ban applies to the sale and storage of firecrackers. The government has taken this step to protect the people. Everyone must cooperate for this.


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