Did men or women gain financial strength during the Kovid period? ...

Did men or women gain financial strength during the Kovid period? Inspirational survey report

Many people have lost their jobs and income due to the corona virus outbreak. There are many people who do not get paid properly despite having a job and are in crisis due to salary cuts. In the meantime, most companies offer employees the opportunity to work from home. Some companies have suggested that work-from-home products provide better productivity and extend the convenience of employees working from home for longer periods of time. Some other companies have withdrawn the work-from-home facility and asked employees to come back to work in the office.

Working from home is a good option for employees. There are two groups in this. Some prefer work from home while others prefer to sit in the office and work. In any case, this Kovid period has taught many things and brought about many changes. A survey conducted by Max Life Ltd., a leading insurance company, found that women were more financially empowered than men working in India during the Kovid period. Especially women in the city.

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It found that 59 percent of working women are financially secure. Only 57 percent of men are currently financially secure. 69% of women and 73% of men have life insurance policies. Working women have a higher awareness of term insurance than men.

Awareness and ownership of life insurance and term insurance among working women has increased over the past year. Their knowledge index on life insurance products rose to 57 percent. In men, it is only 55 percent. The survey found that women’s anxiety about job loss, income and medical expenses rose to 61 percent in the context of Kovid-19.


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