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Did not ask if he was marrying the same woman who had been raped; Completely False: Supreme Court Chief Justice Interpretation

We did not ask the accused if he was marrying the same woman who raped him. Our question has been taken completely wrong. We are High value on women Chief Justice of the Supreme Court SA Babde has explained that we have.

Mohit Subhash Sawan is working in the power sector in the state of Maharashtra. He was charged with sexually assaulting a schoolgirl.

Mohit, who was charged in the case, filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking pre-bail to avoid arrest. The trial court had already granted him bail. However, the Mumbai High Court canceled the bail. He subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court seeking pre-bail.

The petition came up for hearing two days ago under the bench of Justices SA Balasubramanian and Bopanna, headed by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Sharad Arvind Babde.

Then, to the accused, “Are you marrying the victim woman?” That the judges questioned.

Are you marrying the same woman who raped you? The judges’ questioning of the accused caused a great deal of controversy.

Feminist organizations, feminists strongly opposed. Women writers, activists and artists have demanded that the Chief Justice apologize for this.

Brinda Karat, a member of the political leadership of the Marxist Communist Party, had written a letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, SA Babde, in this regard.

However, an official of the Supreme Court said in an interview with PTI that “the Supreme Court judges raised the question on the basis of documents. They did not ask any questions on their behalf.”

However, women’s organizations continued to protest against the question, which was asked by a panel of judges headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Babde.

However, the Bar Council of India strongly condemned the move to criticize the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice. It denounced comments that were insulting to the judiciary and judges for political gain.

In this case, another petition was filed in the Supreme Court. The petition seeking permission to abort a 26-week-old baby girl who was raped by a 14-year-old girl came up for hearing today in a video session of the Supreme Court comprising Chief Justice SA Babde, AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramaniam.

Then-Chief Justice SA Babde, on World Women’s Day today, clarified the question asked last week to the “rape accused”.

Attorney VV Biju appeared for the (minor) petitioner in this case. He argued that “certain groups are trying to discredit the judiciary. The process alone is necessary to deal with this.”

Chief Justice S.A. Babde

To which Chief Justice SA Babde said, “We do not remember any case of rape that came before us. I asked my brothers (fellow judges) and they do not remember. But, we have a very high value on women. It is in the hands of lawyers.

We did not ask the rape accused if he was marrying the woman who raped him. All we asked was, “Are you going to get married?” Didn’t ask if he was getting married. Our word is completely misunderstood. ”


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