Diffusion intensity; The presence of the British virus increased the incidence...

Diffusion intensity; The presence of the British virus increased the incidence of Kovid disease in Qatar?

Doha: The Ministry of Health has blamed the presence of a new variant of the B1.1.7 virus found in the UK for the current increase in the spread of Kovid in Qatar. The new virus is more contagious than its predecessor. The large quarantine measures taken by the government were able to curb the large scale of Kovid expansion in Qatar. It also kept the new virus out of the country for a long time. However, studies have shown that a new virus that has been genetically modified has arrived in the country in recent days. Abdul Latif Al Kahal clarified.

Vaccines also fight the new virus

It is reassuring to note that the Pfizer Bioentech and Modena vaccines currently available in Qatar are effective in combating the new strain of the Kovid virus. The country has already distributed 3,80,000 doses of the Kovid vaccine. He added that 15,000 doses of the vaccine are currently being given daily. About 12 percent of the country’s population over the age of 16 is currently receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. Al-Kahl said 45 percent of the country’s teachers have already been vaccinated.

From next week for private health workers


More than 70 per cent of health workers in the country have already been vaccinated. The distribution of the vaccine to health workers in private sector hospitals and clinics across the country will begin next week. He said they would be contacted on mobile from the concerned PHCs and informed about the date, place and time of vaccination via SMS.

Quadrupled in February


He added that there were four times as many new patients in Qatar in February as in January. Since February 1, there has been a 110 percent increase in the number of patients arriving at the emergency department. People infected with the new virus take longer to recover. Kovid hospitals have facilities to admit them as the number of patients increases. Al-Khal said the toll-free number 16000 should be called as soon as symptoms appear.

There is no room for fasting when vaccinated


“Scholars have made it clear that taking the vaccine does not break the fast of Ramadan,” he said. Al Kahal said. The vaccine does not affect fasting as it is given by syringe. He also said that when given orally, it interferes with fasting.

Pregnant women can also be vaccinated


It has not yet been proven that mothers or babies have any problems with women getting vaccinated during pregnancy. So there is no problem with pregnant women getting vaccinated. At the same time, he said, if Kovid is caught during pregnancy, it can cause major complications in some people. Therefore, efforts should be made to acquire immunity against the disease as soon as possible. “Given the current pace of vaccine supply in the country, it is hoped that Qatar will be able to return to normalcy within a few months,” he told a news conference.

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