Dilli Ush!

Dilli Ush!

Who is the next president?

The term of the current President Ramnath Govind ends in July next year. Following this, a stir has already begun in Delhi political circles over who will be the next president. This time, it is rumored that someone from the southern state will be the next president. It is being analyzed whether it belongs to Tamil Nadu or the states adjoining Tamil Nadu. The term of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu also ends next year. From the BJP side, it is said that Venkaiah Naidu may be fielded as the presidential candidate.

Kanyakumari Special

In the Kanyakumari Lok Sabha constituency, former Union Minister Pon.Radhakrishnan, BJP, is contesting as a candidate. The BJP leadership has decided to make him the Union Minister to win again in the last election. Thus, the senior leaders of the BJP are paying special attention to this constituency. Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah consider the Kanyakumari constituency special. In the next few days, both of them will be coming to Kanyakumari for campaigning. There will be a campaign like ‘Send a minister from Tamil Nadu to Delhi’.

Narayanasamy is angry with Mithurakul

The video of former Pondicherry Chief Minister Narayanasamy, a Congress MP, translating to Rahul has caused a stir in Delhi’s political arena. Knowing that it was a mistranslation, Rahul never spoke to Narayanasamy. Narayanasamy called many times and Rahul did not pick up the phone. Moreover, it is said that Narayanasamy did not behave properly to Rahul’s secretaries. Thus, Rahul has said that ‘Narayanasamy should not be given a’ seat ‘to contest in the Puducherry Assembly elections’. Knowing this in advance, Narayanasamy managed to say that he was not going to contest.

Parikara Puja conducted by BJP leaders

The senior leaders of the BJP are in a dilemma as to whether anyone has put voodoo on the party. Some BJP MPs and MLAs have died prematurely recently. A Gujarat MP close to Amit Shah has passed away. A few have fallen victim to the corona. A BJP MP from Himachal Pradesh was stabbed to death in Delhi. Thus, Billy, as Vittoma trapped in witchcraft, fears BJP, leaders. A priest from Kerala has been invited to Delhi.

Demand for small aircraft

Tamil Nadu political party leaders have been using small planes and helicopters to propagate everything in the state’s corner accelerators. There is a huge demand for these aircraft. For a six-seater flight, the fare is Rs 1,017 per minute. 3,270 for a seven-seater aircraft; The fare for a 14-seater flight is Rs 7,194 per minute. This does not include GST and airport charges. More mavusu for the helicopter. The fare is Rs 2,543 per minute. Tamil Nadu politicians are pumping money into propaganda on the fly.



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