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Disha Ravi linked to Khalistan supporters: Delhi court adjourns verdict on police protest against granting bail

In the process of making a toolkit with Khalistan supporters Disha Ravi Involved in a global conspiracy to tarnish India’s reputation and seek to create an atmosphere of unrest in the peasant struggle. Therefore, the Delhi Police have protested in court that Disha Ravi should not be granted bail.

Following this, the judge adjourned the verdict on Disha Ravi’s bail to next Tuesday.

Swedish seasoned activist Greta Dunberg shared a toolkit link on Twitter in support of farmers fighting against agricultural laws in Delhi.

The toolkit was allegedly created by Bangalore-based environmental activist Disha Ravi, Mumbai-based Nikika Jacob and her partner Shantanu, according to the Delhi Cyber ​​Crime Police.

Disha Ravi was arrested by the Delhi Cyber ​​Crime Police in Bangalore on the 14th and taken to Delhi. 5 days thereafter in police custody Disha Ravi Was sent. Having completed that deadline, he is currently in court custody Disha Ravi Comes from.

in this situation Disha Ravi He had filed a petition in a Delhi court seeking bail. The petition came up for hearing today in the presence of Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana. At that time, there was strong opposition from the police to grant bail to Disha Ravi

According to the police prosecutor ” Disha Ravi Khalistan has co-produced the tool kit with supporters. He has sought to create an atmosphere of unrest in the global conspiracy and peasant struggle to tarnish India’s reputation.

It really is Tool Kit It is not an attempt to tarnish India’s image globally and create an atmosphere of unrest. Not only that but because he will face police action, he already has WhatsApp chats and other resources. Disha Ravi Destroyed. If he did nothing wrong, why not Disha Ravi Need to clear his WhatsApp chats. His guilt is the reason. “


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