Divyavani into YSRCP.? Grow up, surrender .. Sensational comments on TDP...

Divyavani into YSRCP.? Grow up, surrender .. Sensational comments on TDP internal politics


  • Divyavani shocking comments on TDP internal politics
  • Hot comments on the importance of beauty in any field
  • Only those in the party can grow
  • Clarity on party change

Divyavani, a Telugu Desam party spokesperson and senior heroine, said that although there was no problem with TDP chief Chandrababu, the rumors that the party was in trouble due to internal politics were 100 per cent true. On this occasion she clarified on the rumors that she was joining the ruling YCP party.

Divyavani’s name has been loudly heard in the past during a series of mergers from TDP to BJP. However, he said that he would not leave the party under any circumstances. He said that he would support the party in difficult times. However, Divyavani made sensational comments that the internal politics in the party was the reason for not getting proper recognition even though he had been in the party for the last two and a half years.

Why are you continuing to suffer in TDP ?? No offers from YCP and other parties? Do you intend to leave TDP ?? Movie actress Divyavani gave interesting answers to those questions. She said ..

Time must come .. do not bother
Time must come for anything .. Is there any other party except TDP to make my voice heard louder? I mean .. time must come .. why bother? Let’s see some time .. I do not like to hurry.

I have no affair, no rumors .. but when it comes to politics
I have been in the film industry since I was 15 .. I have no remark on my film career .. I went to pubs with someone but .. no affair, no rumors .. but after coming into politics the situation was worse. I will definitely talk about the problem. Criticize if wrong .. but do not make personal criticisms. It hurts to see their innocence. Moving to a different party is not a big issue for me in situations like this.

Though I don’t think politics is set for me .. tell Chandrababu about it
Many times politics seemed to me not set. I did not expect to get into politics .. I did not expect such a good leader to work with Chandrababu. Babugari did not take the internal politics issue to me but wrote a letter. Should I give as much time as an adult .. I will definitely open my voice. Because it is believed that the father will respond positively.

No thefts .. Kakkurthi will not do things
I did not steal from Babugari for power. I never asked him for a seat. Moreover, I do not do kakkurti using the media. It would be awful if they came out.

What is a spokesperson? They do not give guidance .. they do not speak
I was given that as a spokesperson. Spokesperson means we need to hear the voice of the party. Inputs should be given to speak like that .. Palana people said this .. They will not say that it spoke as a counter to it There will be no one to give guidance. If other people give a counter to what we have said .. if we ask them to talk about it again .. it hurts a lot that you have spoken. Does anyone ask us ?? Guidance should be given when the spokesperson says.

Seeing Babugari, he joined TDP

I also brought it to the attention of Chandrababu Gary to give priority to women when the issue took place. Feels very sad when something like this happens. I joined TDP only after seeing Babugari. Peddapita for women is just a saying. People like Sonia Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Purundeshwari have a background. But people like Jayalalithaa have worked very hard to excel in politics.

Those in the party are kicking ..
In my opinion the only people in the party who can grow up are women. A woman in a party has talent .. She has the ability to move forward .. Only those in the party can move forward.

Hopes on beauty .. Compromise but lift
No matter what the field .. girls do not have some difficulties. No matter what field you take, be it cinema, politics, software, journalism .. there are some hopes for those who are there depending on her beauty. Life is the same for those who are compromised. The way they climb each step is different. It would be different for them to say that I would go straight for nothing. But .. God is one. Annie sees. Before the judgment that God gives .. No man can oppress us before the lift that God gives. Divyavani made sensational comments that Telugudesam has been going on in the party for two and a half years with the same belief.


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