Don't be bored waiting; Auto is now at your fingertips, behind...

Don’t be bored waiting; Auto is now at your fingertips, behind the Malayalee startup

Kochi: This is good news for autorickshaw passengers and drivers. Passengers no longer have to wait for an autorickshaw or quarrel over fares. Autos don’t have to worry about running low and no income. A new app has been released as a solution to all this. Developed for autorickshaws, the app is called ‘Myoto’.

Myoto is a mobile application developed by Toyotech Technologies, a Malayalee start-up based in Kochi Info Park. Toyotech Technologies MD Suresh Krishna said the app is available on Google Play Store. If you register with Apple, you will get the details of the nearest autorickshaws. The customer can select the auto by looking at the driver’s name and number.

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Like other travel apps like Uber, Myoto can only charge rates based on the distance recorded in the app. There is no commission charged from the customer or the driver for the services provided by the app. The app is available in all the villages of Kerala and will be rolled out across the country by the end of next month, said company CEO Mohammad Shaduli.


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