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Evil forces are not near; The auction price for a pair of sunglasses is Rs 25 crore


  • Miracle sunglasses from the Mughal period
  • Auction for Rs 25 crore on October 27

Two pairs of spectacles made in the seventeenth century. One is like baby sunglasses. But the auction price will be staggering. $ 35 million. The glasses will be auctioned off on October 27. The auction is in London. The auction price is around Rs 25 crore. One pair of glasses is studded with diamonds and the other with emeralds. Satabees, a New York-based fine arts company, sells spectacles from the Mughal period.

The glasses will be auctioned at an art exhibition based on the Islamic world and India. There is another reason why these are so expensive. According to legend, those who wear these two pairs of spectacles will be able to ward off evil spirits and attain enlightenment. Before it goes on sale in October, New York, Hong Kong and London are all set to showcase their spectacles.

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Such superstitions will remain unchanged as time progresses and cities become more sophisticated. Sometimes it is enough to bid at a record price.

However, two glasses, Gate of Paradise and Hello of Light, will be auctioned off. The Gate of Paradise is made from Colombian emeralds weighing more than 300 carats. The famous Golconda diamond was used to make the Hollow of Light. This is a 200 carat diamond.

Luxury glasses and sunglasses have fans all over the world. Historically, the earliest glasses were made in Italy. These later spread to other parts of Europe. “The arrival of European traders in India from the 16th century onwards led to the spread of these products in the country. The first customers were from the elite class. The Portuguese used to give gifts to the Vijayanagara court. Profit.

Recently, an ancient coin known as the Triple Unit received a coveted price. This coin was minted by Charles I in Oxford in 1643 during the English Civil War. It was then worth 60 shillings or three pounds. The auction price was Rs 50 lakh. This ancient coin depicts a king holding an olive branch in one hand and a sword in the other. Earlier, the coin was also auctioned off at Dix Noonan Web.


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