Exarchia, the alternative neighborhood of Athens that does not surrender to gentrification

It is impossible to walk through the Athenian neighborhood of Exarchia and not wonder about both its history and its present. Filled with protest graffiti, self-managed premises and, for just over a year, police, this anarchist stronghold is synonymous with neighborhood struggle and welcome. This is the same neighborhood in which, in 1973, the students of the Polytechnic University said ‘enough’ to the Colonels’ regime (1968-1974). His rebellion, commemorated on November 17 of each year, was the spearhead for the fall of the dictatorship.

During the economic crisis of 2008, which was especially hard for the Greek country, Exarchia became one of the epicenters of the protests, but also kilometer zero of aid and solidarity with those who suffered the most from the onslaught of the crisis. Also between 2015 and 2016, when almost a million migrants arrived on the Greek coasts, the neighborhood showed its solidarity. Social centers, associations and neighborhoods turned to those who needed it most.

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