Face Tracking System: Fast Track Biometric Emigration Used by Over 1,54,000 Passengers

Face Tracking System: Fast Track Biometric Emigration Used by Over 1,54,000 Passengers


  • The airport was officially opened to passengers in late February
  • This is the last six months since the test phase at the airport
  • With the new system it can be completed in five to 9 seconds

Dubai: The GDRFA says more than 1,54,000 passengers used biometric emigration at Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. The fast track biometric travel system is a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to complete all the steps at the airport face to face. With the help of artificial intelligence for air travel, it is the best technology in the field of marking the face as a travel document in the system without using a passport and Emirates ID.

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It was officially opened to passengers at the airport late last month. Authorities say the number has been used in the six months since the test at Dubai Airport.
The new system allows passengers to complete passport control procedures within five to nine seconds. It is located in the departure and arrival area of ​​Emirates First Business Class passengers at Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. The biometric travel system won the 2021 Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation Award for Best Innovative Technology in the Government Sector.

Those who want to use the seamless smart travel service will need to register their details in advance in the first instance, said Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, head of Dubai Emigration. The first step is for passengers to approach the Emirates check-in counter and register with their passport details and face and eyes on the biometric camera there. Doing so will allow you to travel through it. It does not require a separate registration for each subsequent trip. When the face is shown on the camera at the smart gate, smart tunnel and space, the system’s face and the passenger’s face and eyes are identified and the doors are opened. At the boarding gate and at the Emirates First Class lounge, it provides seamless service to passengers until they board the aircraft following the same process. He added that the time taken to pass through each point depends on the movement of the passenger. Dubai introduced the technology for the first time during the 39th Jitex Technology Week.

GDRFA – Dubai Assistant Director Maj. Gen. Obaid bin Surur said that GDRFA is always striving to minimize the waiting time at each checkpoint at Dubai Airport. He added that services are available in seconds, not minutes.

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Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri said that customers are very important to the department and always try to create the impression that the best airport they have visited is Dubai Airport. He said Dubai has an obligation to make the journey through Dubai Airport smooth, fast and stress-free.

How to use biometric service?

Although they are smart gates, passers-by should lower their masks, glasses and hats and look at the camera as they approach it. The passenger’s biometric data can be scanned and the gate can be opened and passengers can pass when the green signal appears. If the Smart Gate passenger is not immediately identified, a message will appear there telling them to go back and try again. Support staff will be present at all gates to help passengers understand how to use the service. This service is open to all nationals, GCC nationals and UAE visa holders.


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