Fahadh Faasil: Everyone's expectations are upside down .. This is the one...

Fahadh Faasil: Everyone’s expectations are upside down .. This is the one who will face the bunny in the flower .. Surprise video


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Accounting master Sukumar’s calculations also surprise everyone. How much does Sukumar think for his film .. Everyone knows how to shape every single character. Sukumar pays special attention to the characters in his films and those who play those characters. So Sukumar is currently working tirelessly for Pushpa Cinema.

So far, Sukumar has shown Bunny Mania as the flower king. Sukumar put the level of cinema in the sky with posters. It seems that the heroine is also experimenting with Rashmi Mandanna. But so far there have been many leaks about the flower. Who faced Bunny in the film ‘Pushpa’? Various names have come out on social media.

There was talk that the Bollywood star was going to bring in a hero for Bunny. The talk came out that at first Vijay thought of Sethupathi, but he dropped out due to dates issue. Just got the original sisal update from Flower right now. Sukumar has fielded an actor who has the level to face Bunny.

Malayalam star hero, actor Fahid Fazil was brought in for the flower. It has been officially announced that he will play the villain role in the flower. Fahid Fazil is the name given to acting in Maliwood. The whole country will pay homage to his performance. And now Puspa is ready to show his strength once again with cinema. The floral movie, which is being produced by Maitree Movies, is set to release worldwide on August 13.


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