Family adds stranger to WhatsApp group Recognized 6 months later

Family adds stranger to WhatsApp group Recognized 6 months later


  • The plumber was added to the group instead of the father
  • The young man without hitting the left from the group
  • The mistake was discovered 6 months later

London: There may be moments in the life of some people who have been added to the WhatsApp group and the incidents that have been added to another group due to our negligence. But it’s not a small mistake to add someone else to the family group instead of your own father. One such experience in the UK is now being discussed on social media.

It is noteworthy that not only did the father change and add someone, but it was not recognized for six months. Jono Hopkins from the UK added a young man named Peter to the WhatsApp group who thought he was his father. Although he realized that he had been added to the group by mistake, he read all the messages and remained in the group without leaving the group.

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Jonah Hopkins himself shared his mistake on Twitter. The main reason behind the mistake was that his father’s name was also Peter. Hopkins tweeted that he had included another person in the WhatsApp group who had been his father for six months and that the person who had read all their messages but had not responded had not told the truth.

Hopkins was thrilled to create a new group for their family members who were not used to talking any more. He said he had read all the messages to his ‘father’, who was in the group several times, but was asked why he did not respond. Hopkins thought he was unresponsive due to old age.

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Hopkins says he did not think about how he could have added the saved ‘Peter’ to the group instead of the ‘Dad’ contact, and that it was a mistake to ignore it. He jokes that he feels sorry for the ‘fake father’ who had to read all the messages his mother sent to the group. Peter said a plumber who came to work from home was accidentally added to the group.

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