IndiaFarmers' struggle will not end with this: BJP MP urges PM Modi Letter from Varun...

Farmers’ struggle will not end with this: BJP MP urges PM Modi Letter from Varun Gandhi

The struggle of the peasants will not end without ensuring a minimum resource price. That their demand be fulfilled BJP MP Varun Gandhi , Has written a letter to Prime Minister Modi.

Uttar Pradesh belongs to the Philippine constituency BJP MP Varun Gandhi The Prime Minister has written a letter to Modi.

In it he said:

Thank you so much for announcing yesterday that you are withdrawing 3 agricultural laws. If this decision had been taken earlier, the lives of innocent farmers would have been saved.

The Lucknowburgery riots are a disgrace to democracy. The perpetrators and the Union Minister involved should be prosecuted and a fair trial should be held.

Farmers demand minimum support prices for their produce. Farmers will not end their struggle without ensuring this low support price. Widespread anger has developed among farmers, which will return in a different way.

Therefore, it is important to provide a legal right to the minimum support price. This will also provide economic security to the farmers.

My request is that the Central Government should immediately fulfill this demand of the farmers in the interest of our nation.

In addition, Rs 1 crore should be paid as compensation to the families of the farmers killed in the riots and the cases filed against the farmers for political purposes should be withdrawn.

Thus said Varun Gandhi