Fog and Rain: These are some of the things to keep in...

Fog and Rain: These are some of the things to keep in mind when driving in the UAE

Dubai: Instructions for those traveling by car in the UAE during snow and rain. Failure to be vigilant at this time can lead to disaster. The snow-covered atmosphere awaits those who travel in the morning. The main things drivers should pay attention to are:

1. Before leaving, check out the website for weather information. Weather warnings can be found on the social media pages of the UAE’s National Center for Meteorology. This website will help you to avoid excessive speed.

2. Fog lights should be used when vision is extremely dim. No need to use the fog light if you can see the vehicles behind the mirror. On the contrary, if they can’t see, they can’t see the vehicle. The rear fog lights can be turned on in such situations. Turn off when you reach a bright spot.

3. Car windows should be kept clean. For this, the wiper can be used properly and the heater inside the vehicle can be operated. Remember, not only the front glass but also the side and rear glasses should be bright.

4. If visibility is difficult, the vehicle should be parked somewhere. Other vehicles should be parked in well-lit areas, such as petrol stations.

5. Headlights should be dimmed and used. Otherwise oncoming vehicles will have a hard time.

6. Even if the indicator is put on after the hazard light is turned on, the vehicles coming from behind will not understand. This can lead to major accidents when changing lanes and turning onto other roads. A fine of 500 dirhams will be imposed for installing unnecessary hazard lights.

7. Rapid line changes should be avoided.


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