Foreign money flows into India; Record increase in investment

Foreign money flows into India; Record increase in investment


  • Foreign investment is flowing into India. Record increase in investment
  • A 40 percent increase from April to December
  • The government says the move to liberalize foreign investment has paid off

New Delhi: Foreign investment in India has increased by a record. Foreign investment in the country rose sharply in the first nine months of the 2020-21 financial year. India received the most foreign direct investment during this period. Investment during the period was $ 6.754 billion. The information was released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

During the same period last year, it was $ 55.14 billion. Foreign investment growth was 19 percent. It has risen sharply after a three per cent drop in investment. During the October-December period of 2020, foreign investment increased by 37% to $ 2.62 billion.

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The previous year it was $ 190.9 billion. In November and December alone, investment rose to $ 1.01 billion and $ 920 billion, respectively. Total foreign investment increased by 24% in December 2020 compared to $ 746 billion in December 2019. From August to November 2020, investment rose sharply.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the increase in foreign investment in the country over the past six and a half years is a result of the measures taken to increase foreign investment in the country. The Government has taken steps in various sectors to encourage and facilitate foreign investment in various sectors. The government’s official explanation is that the increase in investment is due to reforms in foreign investment policy.


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