IndiaGet eligible everyone get vaccinated: PM Modi calls for first dose of...

Get eligible everyone get vaccinated: PM Modi calls for first dose of corona vaccine

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (March 1) morning Corona vaccine Received the first dose. Delhi Aims Doctors at the hospital gave him a corona vaccine.

Later, Prime Minister Modi said, “Govt 19 vaccinated against the first installment Delhi Aims I received it at the hospital. It is noteworthy how quickly our doctors and scientists have acted to strengthen the international fight against corona. Everyone who qualifies for the corona vaccine should be vaccinated. We will all work together to make this a corona-free nation. “

Starting today:

For field staff, physicians and health workers across the country since January 16th Corona vaccine Work is in progress. As the work is nearing completion, the second phase, starting today, March 1, will be vaccinating people over the age of 60, over the age of 45 and those with comorbidities under the age of 59.
The federal government has said it will give priority to those with 20 comorbidities, including those who have been hospitalized and treated for diabetes for the past one year.

What document is required?

People over the age of 60 who are vaccinated against corona must carry something including a voter ID card, Aadhar card and driver’s license. People with comorbidities can be vaccinated by obtaining a certificate from an accredited physician about their comorbidities. Especially those with diabetes, those who have been treated for heart disease for more than one year, those who have had heart transplants, those with moderate and severe heart disease, those with kidney disease, those with 2 years of acute respiratory disease, those with appropriate medical treatment, those with low immunity, or HIV infection Preference will be given to those who have, and those with high blood pressure.

Booking required:

People who want to get vaccinated can get the corona vaccine by booking on Health Setu and Co-Win processors.


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