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Get rid of prickly heat in the summer season, try these home remedies

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As soon as the summer season comes, heat rash occurs due to strong sunlight and sweat. In which the most effect falls on the body of children. Because of playing in the sun, they get prickly heat on their head, back and neck. The effect of prickly heat is seen on many older people including children.

Due to this burning sensation on the body, itching starts running due to red rash in the body and to get rid of this problem people use powder but its effect shows effect only for some time if you also get prickly heat. If you want to get rid of it, then definitely follow these home tips.

Coconut Oil and Camphor We all know that coconut oil is a life-saving herb for the skin. It is used in case of prickly heat. After bathing apply it all over the body and massage it. Prickly heat will be cured by massaging the body thrice a day. Use of multani mitti in case of heat rash, apply a paste of multani mitti on the body. With this, the body gets coolness and it is very beneficial from heat rash.

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