Going on a trip to the moon for free .. there is...

Going on a trip to the moon for free .. there is a way!


  • Millionaire seeks companions for orbit around the moon
  • Travel is free. He will bear all the expenses
  • Eight people from around the world will be selected for the trip

Ever wanted something a bit different for your trip to the moon? Japanese billionaire Yusaku Misawa is taking the opportunity to invite the public. Travel on SpaceX. This completely private voyage is part of his desire to orbit the moon. An art lover, he wants to travel with 6-8 artists from around the world.

The journey will be completed by 2023. The journey will be accompanied by people from different backgrounds. The group consists of 10-12 people but applications are invited from 8 public places. He had posted a video about it.

In Misawa’s opinion, any person who does something positive deserves the title of artist. Fellow travelers have only two advantages to traveling with him. Must be able to help others and the community in any way with creativity. And must be willing to help those who are able to travel with a similar desire.

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Searching for these travel partners is not the first time. In January 2020, Misawa was looking for a female partner for her lunar mission. In January 2020, Misawa was looking for a female partner for a lunar mission. The website received 27,722 applications. He later publicly announced that he was ending the search for personal reasons.

Anyway, two years later, the lunar journey is planned in a new way. Although there is no indication of how the passengers will be selected, it will be one of SpaceX’s historic missions, making it clear that he will bear the entire cost.


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