IndiaGold price rises to Rs. 184 Rise: What is the situation...

Gold price rises to Rs. 184 Rise: What is the situation today?

in Chennai The price of gold Today the pound is trading at Rs. 184 has risen.

Investors around the world have turned to safer investments following last year’s industrial stagnation. They began to invest in gold, replacing investments in the stock market, real estate, and the US dollar.

Thus the demand for gold increased and its price rose significantly. Gold prices have been volatile amid fears of industrial stagnation over the Corona virus outbreak. The price of gold Has risen today.

In Chennai, the price of jewelery gold rose by Rs 23 per gram to Rs 4530. The pound rose by Rs 184 to Rs 36,240. Similarly, 24 carat pure gold sells for Rs 39,152 per 8 grams.

Silver price

Silver fell by Rs 1 to Rs 72.20 per gram. Similarly, the price of 1 kg of silver today is Rs 72,200.


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