Good luck finding a heroine like Sai Pallavi: Shekhar Master

Good luck finding a heroine like Sai Pallavi: Shekhar Master


  • ‘Love Story’ with Nagachaitanya and Sai Pallavi
  • Upcoming movie directed by Shekhar Kammula
  • Sai Pallavi sensation once again with ‘Saranga Daria’

‘Love Story’ is a movie starring Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi. The film is directed by Shekhar Kammula. Each song from the upcoming movie ‘Love Story’ will be released on April 16. These songs are getting good response from the audience. However, the song ‘Saranga Daria’ released on Sunday was a super hit. Within 24 hours of its release, it had crossed 6 million views. Choreographer Shekhar Master Media came forward to share this joy. Shekhar Master says …

I did two main songs and two bit songs in this movie. Rain song and Saranga Daria are both the main songs. It would be a mistake not to do well with the Sai Pallava. It would be nice to give her any expression. Once the song is edited it seems like no one can do it better than this girl. She is a classical dancer. She came from ‘Dhee’. I also came from ‘Dhee’.

Choreographers Think of Some Moments. It would be nice if they did the right hero, heroine. Suppose who does these. Sai Pallavi never said that this movement would not come. It shows the movements we have mentioned even better. Dance masters like Mala are lucky to find a heroine like Sai Pallavi.

Lavanya Tripathi called Sandeep Kishan ‘Anna’ .. sorry, correction
Shekhar Kammula tells us very clearly when he tells us about the song. It’s folk so Steps says how to be. The song got more hype due to the presence of Sai Pallavi. There are no expectations when doing ‘Vachinde’ with Sai Pallavi in ​​‘Fida’. But there are a lot of expectations when it comes to this ‘Love Story’ song. Yet we did not put pressure on those expectations. We did as well as we did ‘coming’. I can’t say whether the song ‘Saranga Daria’ will beat the song ‘Vachinde’.

చేసింది Sai Pallavi rehearsed for three days. We did this song for three nights. Sai Pallavi is therefore completed in three days.

Satisfaction comes when doing a variety of songs. I did both ‘Prisoner No. 150’ and ‘Fida’ at the same time. These two songs gave the same satisfaction.

‘Love Story’ includes ‘Saranga Daria’ and another rain song. Both songs are well done by Sai Pallavi. There will be theme songs that come with dances without any interruption to the story. Shekhar Kammula says in advance that there should be dance to suit the lyrics. Dances are different in folk songs outside. But it’s a movie so I do it with a combination of folk and cinematic. Should be done while balancing.

telugu samayam‘Nandi’ in four languages ​​.. Dil Raju’s big plan .. Bada producer who bought the remake rights !!
దర్శ There is no directorial advice on every movement we say. But, the concept is something the directors explain. It should not be a commercial when it comes to this movie. We planned to be very natural. Shekhar Kammula’s rule is to follow the lyrics.

ేఖ Shekhar Kammula’s style of singing songs on occasion. The songs go according to the story. Working with him is a new experience after working with other directors. We compose dances based on the lyrics. In this song, if there is a lyric called Kadava on the right shoulder, the dances are done without putting the Kadava. Shekhar Kammula likes to show heroines in a very beautiful way. We will follow the same.

I was amazed that the song ‘Saranga Daria’ became such a big hit. Zumba dances are based on Nagachaitanya. He is a Zumba Trainer. There are tiny little bits. Chaitu practiced and did. Come as the class says.

✦ The same Shekhar Master, Sai Pallavi, Shekhar Kammula, song on females so the comparisons come with the song ‘Vachinde Pilla’. But very carefully done without similarities.

I am not acting. Acting opportunities come to those who are in TV shows. Came to me too. But I don’t like it that big. Will be directing soon. No idea yet.

ఢ Dhee, movies, TV shows .. some dates clash between these.

Maa Babu is also doing as a child actor in movies.

I am choreographing for ‘Pushpa’, ‘Acharya’ and some other films.

Saipallavai Saranga Daria Full Song


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