Grammy Awards Women!

Grammy Awards Women!

Los Angeles: The biggest ‘Grammy’ awards for the music industry went to more women this year.

The 63rd Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles, USA. At the ceremony, which followed Corona rules, women received more awards than men.

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In it, singer Beyonc, wins the most awards and sets a new record in Grammy history. She was selected in nine categories, including song and video, including ‘Savage, Black Parade, Brown Skin Girl’, and won four awards. With this, Beyonc has created the distinction of being the most award-winning woman in Grammy history, winning a total of 28 awards.
He is currently ranked next to Sir George Soldi, a 31 – Grammy Award winning composer. Her nine-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, who sang with Beyonc, won the Grammy Award for Best Supporting Singer. Blue Ivy Carter became the second woman to win a Grammy Award at a young age.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Poklor’ has been selected as the best music album of the year. Taylor Swift is the first woman to win the award for the third time. Prior to that, Steve Wander, Frank Sinatra and Paul Simon were the only three-time winners. Eilish won the award for the song ‘Title’ from the soon-to-be-released ‘No Time to Die’ James Bond film. For the first time, an award has been given to a song from an unreleased film. The award for the new singer went to Megan for the song ‘Web’.

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In the doubles category, the award for the song ‘Rain on Me’ went to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. This year, the sitar musician, Ravi Shankar’s daughter, Anushka
Shankar, Priyadarshani’s music albums from Mumbai, though nominated for the award, missed out on the chance to win. At the event, Lilly Singh, of Indian descent, who lives in Canada, wore a face mask in support of the peasant struggle in Delhi and caused a stir.



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