WorldGulf Health reveals the dangers of toothpaste on burns

Gulf Health reveals the dangers of toothpaste on burns

Coinciding with the onset of winter in the Gulf countries, the Health Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council published an awareness video that sheds light on a rumor regarding the possibility of using toothpaste to treat burn injuries.

During the clip, the council explained that putting toothpaste on burns is one of the most common mistakes, as it traps heat under the skin due to sodium fluoride, and may cause burns to become contaminated.

He advised those who were exposed to burns to stay away from the source of the fires, and to cool the burning area with lukewarm running water for 20 minutes, and to stay away from snow or ice water, and to make sure that nothing was attached to the area.

He indicated the need to cover the wound with adhesive tape or a clean plastic bag for burns, with the use of analgesics when feeling pain, including “paracetamol” and “ibuprofen.”

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He also stressed that if the burn was caused by an acid or chemical substance, it is necessary to rinse the affected area with as much clean water as possible, and to call an ambulance immediately.

It is noteworthy that the publication of the clip coincided with the onset of the winter period in most Gulf countries, which is usually accompanied by activities that may cause burns, such as setting fires or using heating devices.