Guntur: Conflict with her husband, Katugadu who was overwhelmed by believing in...

Guntur: Conflict with her husband, Katugadu who was overwhelmed by believing in his wife

Arandal Peta police have arrested a fraudster who allegedly collected millions of rupees on the pretext of resolving disputes between the couple. Vijaya, who hails from the city, and her husband Ramesh Babu have been at loggerheads for some time now. It was during this sequence that Vijay was introduced to a man named Sridhar through his daughter. Sridhar told Vijaya to do special pujas to reduce family quarrels. He collected ninety lakh and sixty thousand rupees for this. Pawned gold jewelry. Vijay believes that the riots are happening because of Ramesh. He feared that stopping in the middle of worship would endanger lives. She took the documents of the place where she wanted more money. Suspecting that all the money in the house was being eaten, Ramesh deposed Vijay. With this the real thing came out. The husband and wife complained to the police. Police arrested Sridhar and seized Rs 9,60,000 in cash and gold jewelery worth Rs 2 lakh. DSP Supraj pointed out that the crossroads was not paved to resolve family disputes. They want to report any problems to the police. Those who cheat on a woman and commit crimes will not be left behind under any circumstances.


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