Guntur: Prime Minister Modi's statue with iron scrap .. for the first...

Guntur: Prime Minister Modi’s statue with iron scrap .. for the first time in the country

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sculpts a statue with an automobile iron scrap in Tenali. Surya Shilpa Shala managers Katuri Venkateswara and his son Ravichandra made a 14-foot-tall, two-tonne statue of Prime Minister Modi. It is said that the statue was made by a company based in Bangalore. Making a statue comparing Prime Minister Modi with an iron scrap is a very difficult and adventurous task. The sculptors revealed that so far no one in our country has made a statue of the Prime Minister with scrap. Ten people worked hard for three months. The statue will be moved to Bangalore on the 16th of this month. The statue was examined by Sivakumar, the legislator of Annabattu. Special thanks to the sculptors Katuri Venkateswara Rao and Ravichandran who brought international fame to Tenali. As a Tenali legislator, he said he was very proud to have such artists in Tenali.


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