Hitting drugs at night .. hitting fans during the day .. MP...

Hitting drugs at night .. hitting fans during the day .. MP Gorantla Madhav shocking comments on Balakrishna


  • Balakrishna once again laid his hand on the fan
  • Video goes viral on social media
  • YSSR CP candidate Gorantla Madhav has been criticized

Top hero, MLA Balakrishna is touring extensively as part of the Hindupuram Municipality election campaign. The incident went viral on social media after he slapped a fan in the face. There have been instances of child abuse against fans in the past. The recent incident in this context has led to many discussions among the masses. Opposition parties have been criticizing Balakrishna for misbehaving. Recently, MP Gorantla Madhav reacted and made shocking comments.

Gorantla Madhav, who is campaigning in support of YCP candidate Mahalakshmi Srinivas, was incensed at Balakrishna’s behavior. A spokesman said that was not the way to deal with it and that no one would support such allegations. Eddewa asked if fans should be punished for the sin of voting for TDP. Balakrishna made sensational remarks that he had become addicted to drugs at night and beating people during the day. As a public spokesman, Gorantla was fired for not understanding what message he was giving to the people. With this, the issue became a hot topic with both the political and cine circles.
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Balakrishna is busy with politics and is looking after his film work. He is currently starring in the upcoming blockbuster film BB3 directed by Boyapati Sreenu. Pragya Jaiswal is playing the heroine in this film which is being produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy under the banner of Dwarka Creations at the dedication of Miryala Satyanarayana Reddy. The film is being made to sway the mass audience by showing the Boyapati mark.


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