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How many months of protection if corona vaccine is given? – Ames Director Explanation

Regarding how many months a person will be protected if they are vaccinated against corona Director of Ames Randeep Gularia Explained.

While the first wave of corona virus outbreak has subsided, the second wave has developed in various states. So far 1.15 crore people have been affected by the corona. 1.59 lakh people have lost their lives. More than 40,000 people have been affected in the last two days, causing great anxiety and fear.

ICMR in India in partnership with Bharat Biotech to protect against corona virus Kovacsin In collaboration with the vaccine, serum company, Oxford Astrogenka Covshield Vaccines have also been discovered.

The government has advised that the vaccine be given free of charge to the elderly and those with comorbidities between the ages of 45 and 59.

Regarding how many months the corona vaccine will give you immunity Director of Ames Randeep Gularia Explained.

At a function on behalf of the Federation of IPS Officers in Delhi Director of Ames Randeep Gularia and Nithi Ayog Health Member VK Paul were also present.

Then VK Paul spoke:

“The corona vaccine is a tool to isolate and intensify testing to break the corona spread chain,” he said. The spread of the corona virus is over. Therefore, the sudden increase in the spread of the corona virus was due to the carelessness of people who thought that they should not follow the rules of corona prevention.

The government wants to make the corona vaccine available to all people. But, because we have so little available, we select the age group on a priority basis and vaccinate.

Maybe for us Corona vaccine If available in large quantities, everyone can be vaccinated. Not everyone can afford to pay less. Above the preferred age in most countries Corona vaccine Stumble upon unable to deliver.

The highest mortality rate is among those with comorbidities and the elderly. That’s why we prioritize them. None of the people at this age Corona vaccine Definitely do not hesitate to take. These are more for them than other ages Corona vaccine Important”.

Thus said VK Paul.


Director of Ames Randeep Gularia Spoken by:

“The reason for the sudden increase in the spread of the corona virus is that people think the corona spread is over. No one followed the corona prevention rules. In fact the corona could not spread

There are various reasons for the increase in the spread of corona virus. First and foremost is what is going on in the minds of the people and what is going to happen is the corona mentality. People need to cut down on unnecessary travel for a while longer.

The corona vaccine currently in use, covaxin, can provide good protection for the body for at least 8 to 10 months if injected into a cochlear implant. Sometimes even giving it more time.

There is no difference between the two vaccines. Both vaccines can provide equal immunity. We need to get this vaccine when we get the chance. Both vaccines are quality, safe, and long-lasting.

Thus said Gularia.


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