EntertainmentHrithik Roshan in support of Shah Rukh Khan's fans

Hrithik Roshan in support of Shah Rukh Khan’s fans

Right now Bollywood, the national media as a whole, is talking about Aryan Khan. Netizens are outraged that Aryan Khan was seen smiling even in the car while being arrested in a drugs case and now in the custody of NCB officials. The post in support of Aryan in this order came under intense discussion. ‘My dear Aryan, life is a strange journey. It’s so great because it can be confusing as it doesn’t make sense. Throws balls like many dangers on this journey. But that God is so merciful. The encounter routine throws those difficult balls. You know how to deal with so much stress in such a difficult time. I know Indita Nu understands. Now you have a lot of problems and intricacies around you. Out of them all you have to come out as a nuv hero. Such heat brings out the hero in you. But be careful. That heat also burns the goodness, love and kindness in you. When faced with such difficult situations, it is only when we face them that we rise to even greater heights. I have known Nuw since childhood. Now they are so big. Take all of this as an experience. Think of it all as gifts. If you combine such difficulties with one another you will understand the real problem. Trust me. The darkness will soon be gone. The lights will come on ‘posted by Hrithik Roshan. Celebrities are bragging about Hrithik Roshan’s post in support of Aryan Khan. But the general public on social media is worried. The courtesy and respect you had so far are now gone.


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