Hyd: Sari unbuttoned and running on the road .. vulgar in front...

Hyd: Sari unbuttoned and running on the road .. vulgar in front of the police .. Video


  • The transgender who pushed the wine shop staff
  • Obscene behavior for not giving money
  • The police did not calm down when they arrived

The Hijras in Hyderabad were agitated. Created by Nana Hungama at a wine shop. Liquor store staff were attacked. After giving information to the police, they did not come and listen to Sardi. Simultaneously, a man untied a sari in front of the police and created a commotion. Others behaved rudely and caused trouble to those walking on the road. It is noteworthy that O Hijra unbuttoned his sari and ran on the road in front of the police. The whole affair was recorded on a CCTV camera there. Full details ..

The Hijras rioted at a liquor store not far from the Malkajgiri police station. Those who were collecting money at each shop at night came to the wine shop in a similar order and asked to give the money. When they refused to pay, they attacked the Wines staff for money.

The wine shop staff informed the police. In the meantime the Hijras persecuted Nana. Their vulgar behavior did not stop when the police arrived. The behavior of the half-naked Hijras caused trouble for the women and children who followed. In the wake of this affair there was mostly a traffic jam.

Video: Hijra running on the road with his sari unbuttoned .. People, obscene in front of the police .. Video


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