I built the castle with the stones that hit me: Singer Sunita...

I built the castle with the stones that hit me: Singer Sunita fires at the critics


  • Sunita posted on Instagram on the occasion of Women’s Day
  • A singer who counterattacked on those who criticized him
  • The comment is that the stones you throw are built into a fort

It is no exaggeration to say that no other celebrity has been trolled as much as singer Sunita has been trolled on social media in recent times. Sunita, who was a single mother and worked hard to raise two children, has faced many ups and downs in her career. Her plight may not be known to those outside at large. Therefore, she is easily criticized .. She is being trolled on social media. When Sunita announced that she was getting married for the second time, many trolled her on social media. Sunita replied to all such people today.

Sunita posted a post on Instagram on the occasion of Women’s Day. Sunita shared a trendy photo in this post .. also wrote a message. Reading this message, Sunita understands how much pain is in her mind. Also, it is becoming clear how she grew up overcoming those criticisms and hatreds.

Insult to star singer Sid Shriram in Hyderabad .. pouring water and alcohol on shit!
” You judge, troll, always try to pull me down. You bracelet to prove one thing, causing me a sense of insecurity. You do not trust me, you do not encourage me, you do not listen to me at all. You laugh at me when I fail. They make me gasp. Intuitively you blame me. And now how do you say Happy Women’s Day to me?

I endured all this. Because, I grew up accumulating all the energy within myself. I built the fort with the stones you threw at me. I overcame it all. I forgive with a smile, take care, love, never give up on anything. I am a woman .. Karunamayuralini. Happy Women’s Day to all, “said Sunita. On the whole Sunita validated the cheek of the critics through this post.


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