ICC Monthly Player of the Month: Nominated by Aswin, Joe Root, Myers

ICC Monthly Player of the Month: Nominated by Aswin, Joe Root, Myers

England captain Joe Root, West Indies batsman Kyle Myers and Indian spinner Ravichandran have been nominated for February. Aswin The International Cricket Council (ICC) has recommended the names of

In 3 Test matches against England Aswin Has played. In the 2nd Test match held in Chennai Aswin He scored 106 runs and took 8 wickets.

Aswin, who took 7 wickets in the day-night Test in Ahmedabad, became the fastest Indian to take 400 wickets in Test cricket.

In the last 3 Test matches Aswin He has been named the ICC Player of the Year for February as he has taken 24 wickets for 176 runs.

England captain Joe Root has scored 333 runs in 3 Tests against India and taken 6 wickets. The root name is also suggested. Root scored 218 in the first Test in Chennai.

Debutant on the Mayo Islands team Kyle Myers He added 210 runs in the 2nd Test against Bangladesh and was instrumental in chasing 395 runs. Since Meyers was set to win the Test series, his name has been nominated.

In the women’s category, England’s Tommy Beaumont, Knot Sever and New Zealand’s Brooke Holiday have been nominated.


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