If Farm Laws had been canceled then 700 lives would have been saved .. BJP MP's...

If Farm Laws had been canceled then 700 lives would have been saved .. BJP MP’s scathing letter to Modi


  • Rs. Crore compensation demanded.
  • Varun Gandhi’s reference to the Lakhimpur Kher incident.
  • Emphasis that the movement will not stop without a solution.

BJP MP Varun Gandhi, who has been openly criticizing the party’s policies for the past few days, has reacted to the Prime Minister’s announcement that three cultivation laws are being repealed. Varun wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi .. bringing four demands to the fore. He reminded Modi that 700 farmers would have survived if a decision had been taken in advance on the cultivation laws. So, they demanded compensation of Rs 1 crore each to the families of the dead farmers in the ongoing agitation from year to year against the cultivation laws.

In his letter, Varun demanded that the false cases registered by the police against the farmers for political motives be dropped. Moreover, he said that the discounted price for the crop grown by the farmers should be legalized. Varun Gandhi also mentioned in his latest letter to the Prime Minister about the Lakhimpur Kher violence last month. He demanded that the Union Minister take action against his son.

“Thank you for announcing that you are withdrawing the three cultivation laws with a big heart. Despite the severe adverse conditions, the farmers continued to raise their concerns peacefully. More than 700 farmer brothers and sisters were imprisoned in this order. If you had taken this decision before, I think these innocents would have survived.

“During the movement, our breadwinners were harassed with falsely motivated political cases. These cases should be dropped immediately. This (peasant) movement will not end without a solution to this demand. The deep-seated resentment among them must not come out in any form. Therefore, the farmers must have minimal support for their crops.” It is important to get a legal guarantee on the price (MSP).

‘Many leaders in senior positions have made provocative statements on farmers’ concerns. Five of our farmer brothers were killed in a road accident on October 3 in Lakhimpur Kheri as a result of the adverse atmosphere created by such statements on the movement. This heartbreaking incident is a blemish on our democracy. “I urge you to take appropriate action against the Union Minister involved in this incident,” Varun Gandhi demanded.