If I have four children and still want children .. My wife...

If I have four children and still want children .. My wife wants to look after other people: Manchu Vishnu


  • Snow Vishnu with Pan Indian film
  • ‘Fraudsters’ released on March 19th
  • Vishnu said his personal things in the latest interview
  • Interesting comments about his wife and children

Manchu Vishnu is very different from Mohan Babu’s Puthraratnas. Manoj, Manchulakshmi Modern School Type Vishnu Old School. The father seems to be very methodical as a child. The way of speaking, the way of behaving .. Marriage and children are all like Lord Rama is a good boy. Not like that .. I say that Taipei is the snow hero.

Manchu Vishnu shared his personal life with the media as part of the latest ‘Cheats’ movie promotions. On this occasion, he said that he loves children very much .. that is why he had four children .. but his wife did not agree to have children.

‘I am one of the young heroes with four children .. I told my wife Vinnie .. I still want children and I want to have more children. To that she .. look at anyone else .. said Poe (laughs).

When Vinnie was four months pregnant, Jagan went to her and said, “Anna, she’s an expecting child. Stop abusing my sister.” We all laughed at the tribe together. I love being a kid. This is what you lost after the birth of the fourth child .. If you still want to look outside. Both of my older children are now eight years old. Studying fourth grade.

I spend a lot of time with my four children. I only eat dinner with my family every day. Daily tiffin, dinner we eat to meet our whole family. I ate to meet Dad. I like what a joint family means. However, the house in Hyderabad is a bit far from the city. It is close to the airport. From there it takes more time for the journey to get to Dad and Mom. That’s why my father took me to a nearby house. That’s why houses are being built in the city. We all plan to be together. Still definitely going to mom and dad every Friday .. Saturdays and Sundays is there again coming back on Monday morning.


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