If you buy a scooter, another scooter is free.

If you buy a scooter, another scooter is free.


  • Bumper offer for two wheeler buyers
  • Creepy offer
  • Chance to get a two-wheeler for free

Good news for those looking to buy a new two-wheeler. One creepy offer is available. If you know about this offer .. you are also called wow. Wondering what that offer is? Buy a two-wheeler and get another two-wheeler for free.

Yes? Do you think that? True .. According to media reports .. This offer is not available with us. Available only at Eke Gandhi TVS dealership in Nagpur. This is a very special offer.

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But here is a condition. Luckydra will be held for all those who purchase a two-wheeler. Only the winner will receive a free two-wheeler. That is to say there must be luck. The two-wheeler does not come for free to everyone.

Offer on purchase of TVS Moped, TVS Motorcycle or Scooter. Not only this offer but every customer is offered a gift under Scratch and Win offer. Offer only applies to those who have purchased a two wheeler.


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