IndiaIncreasing corona; Do not lose the benefit of the struggle: Federal...

Increasing corona; Do not lose the benefit of the struggle: Federal warning to state governments

As state governments need to ensure that the benefits seen after several months of Govt management activities are not lost Central government Advised.

about this Health According to the Ministry of Family Welfare:

Send High Level Disciplinary Committee to assist Covid Management and effectively deal with Covid Infectious Countries in Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir Central government Has ordered.

The three-member high-level disciplinary committee will be chaired by officials led by the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health.

These groups will work with the Union Territories to find out the cause of the outbreak. This high-level team will work closely with the health authorities of the states concerned to carry out coit control measures.

The team will talk to local authorities in the most vulnerable areas and learn about the situation and challenges there.

After completing his state visit, the Union Health Secretary has asked the Chief Secretaries of the 10 states to set aside time for the concerned Chief Secretaries to meet and talk to the special committee.

States and Union Territories have been instructed to continue intensive research work to ensure that the effectiveness seen after several months of Govt management activities is not lost.

The Federal Secretary of Health has sent a letter to the states where the incidence of daily infections has increased, urging them to pay serious attention to controlling the spread of the disease and to intensify RT-PCR testing in the most affected districts.

It has been ordered to identify those infected and isolate them and to find their contacts without delay.

Thus stated.


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