IndiaIncreasing corona in Kerala; Boundaries re-closed Government of Karnataka: No permission...

Increasing corona in Kerala; Boundaries re-closed Government of Karnataka: No permission without negative certificate

The Karnataka government has imposed severe restrictions on Kerala travelers entering the Karnataka border, including Mangalore, due to the growing spread of the corona virus in the state.

All people coming from Kerala are allowed to enter the state of Karnataka only if they have a corona test and a negative certificate. Thus there is a long queue of vehicles waiting on the Mangalore road.

The Datsina Kannada-Kerala border route has also been closed since this morning. They will only be allowed if they have a negative certificate that the corona tested 72 hours ago Karnataka authorities Have reported.

Karnataka officials said, “As the corona virus is on the rise in Kerala, we have brought restrictions on Kerala vehicles entering the state. Corona testing will be allowed only if there is a negative test 72 hours in advance. , Jalsur Road in Sulaiya are closed. Only passengers with Corona Negative Certificate are allowed. “

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Meanwhile, people from Kasaragod district of Kerala are flocking to Mangalore for their specialist medical treatment and high quality hospitals. But since the sudden closure of the Kerala-Karnataka border since this morning, people have been in big trouble.

10 to 50 km from Kasargod. Mangalore is far away. If you want to go to Kannur, it is 100 km. It is noteworthy that the distance to go.

Already have similar strict restrictions Karnataka authorities Brought. Back then, corona negative certification was required even if patients had to go for medical treatment in a very critical condition. It is noteworthy that there have been incidents in which some patients have died without being able to provide this certificate.


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