Independently competing N.R. Cong., Personalities

Independently competing N.R. Cong., Personalities

Puducherry: NR in the field independently. Cong., By figures, has caused headaches for the candidates of the coalition parties.

N.R. in Urulayanpet constituency. Nehru, a prominent Congressman and former government wrestler, is running as an independent. In this constituency BJP, – N.R. Omshakti Sehgar is the AIADMK candidate in the alliance. Similarly, in Thirunallar constituency, the BJP opposed the candidate Rajasekaran and the coalition party NR. Cong., Former minister of the party BR Siva has filed a petition to contest as an independent.

In the Kalapattu constituency, the BJP opposed candidate Kalyana Sundaram and defeated N.R. Cong., Pramukar Senthil is down the field. Niravi D.R. Manokaran is contesting as BJP candidate in Pattinam constituency. Geetha Anandan has filed a petition against him. NR, who belongs to DMK, could not get a seat again. Cong., Met and talked with Chairman Rangasamy. Rangasamy has given up as the constituency has been allotted to the BJP, the coalition party. Thus, Geeta Anandan has entered the field independently. N.R. in Thiruvananthapuram constituency. Cong., The sitting MLA from the party, has been given back the seat to Gopika.

Former minister Angalan has joined the party as an independent. Similarly, in Muthialpet constituency, the AIADMK has fielded NR candidate Vaiyapuri Manikandan. Cong., Pramukar Prakash Kumar, BJP in Manaveli constituency, NR against candidate wealth. Cong., Personalities Suresh, Kumaraguru have filed the petition. As the latest in this series, N.R. Cong., Has joined the party with former minister Thiagarajan. N.R. in Bagoor constituency. Cong., Danavelu is contesting as a candidate. Thiagarajan, a senior member of the party, filed a petition against him yesterday and gave him a shock treatment. Cong., By figures, has caused dissatisfaction within the coalition parties.

BJP, – AIADMK has a problem in 5 constituencies and NR in 7 constituencies in total. Cong., Figures have filed a petition to run independently. In particular, the BJP is contesting against candidates in 3 constituencies and the AIADMK against candidates in 2 constituencies. In two constituencies, they have filed petitions against their own party. Cong., Complained at the top of the NR in the constituency independently fielded. Cong., To Pramukar Senthil, the video of Rangasamy blessing by submitting nomination at Daddy Crazy Swami Temple has gone viral.

Moreover, most NRs claim to be ‘Rangasamy’s blessed candidate’. Cong., Personalities collect votes. Thus, N.R. The official candidates of the Cong. In this connection, the party has complained to the top leaders of the BJP.



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